Raised Right

At The Free Ranger, “raised right” is more than a catchphrase; it’s a commitment. Our chickens are fed a healthy diet and are nurtured in a humane way. Once fully feathered, they have access to wander outdoors. When you choose The Free Ranger, you’re choosing chicken raised the right way, making mealtime something you can feel good about.

Being part of The Free Ranger family of farmers is a source of great pride for me. Our approach to raising chickens isn't just a commitment; it's a way of life.

farming practices

RSPCA Approved

Our farms are proudly certified by RSPCA Approved, signifying our conformance to the RSPCA Standard for Meat Chickens, which includes over 400 requirements. This makes sure our meat chickens have more room to move, and their natural behaviours are encouraged whether they are inside or out on the range. Offering generous indoor and outdoor spaces and providing essential elements like good lighting periods to encourage activity, perches, and dry, friable litter for foraging and dustbathing, which all focus on enhancing their quality of life. 

Our foremost commitment is to meet physical and behavioural needs of the birds, while upholding responsible, higher welfare practices.